Protected by our 传统的决议 signed in 2007, the 传统s of The 大学 南密西西比的历史被深深珍藏. 校友会与学生 Alumni Association invite alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff and fans of the Golden Eagles to regularly take part in the 传统s 大学校长. 了解更多 关于我们的 传统的决议.



The Eagle Walk is a living monument that recognizes Southern Miss’ proud history of 运动卓越. 在比赛日,一门大炮被点燃,参加者 我们的鹰行游行从奥布里K. 卢卡斯行政大楼至 岩石. 

Each year during Golden Eagle Welcome Week (GEWW), the freshman class gathers to leave its signature on the 大学 by giving the Eagle Walk a fresh coat of gold paint. Painting of The Eagle Walk, which is hosted by the Student Alumni Association, is a time-honored 传统 that began in 1997 and transforms Eagle Walk Drive into a 每年的黄金街.



The Little Rock features different sayings in support of Southern Miss athletics. To increase enthusiasm throughout the campus, the rock is painted by members of the Student Alumni Association and the student chapter of the Alumni Association. 短语 like “B(EAT) RICE” (for the Golden Eagles game against rival Rice 大学) and “ESPN Game Day at 岩石” are typical spirited phrases painted on the Little Rock. Students are encouraged to join the Student Alumni Association every Tuesday at 2 p.m. 来粉刷小石城.



周五晚上@精神公园, formerly known as Friday Night at the Fountain, is a 传统-rich, family-friendly celebration that serves as the official start of the thrill and excitement that is tailgating and gameday activities during football weekends at Southern Miss. The festivities include performances by The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band, the Dixie Darlings, the Southern Miss Cheerleaders and the Southern Misses, as well as appearances by Seymour, athletic coaches and players, followed by a live music act 南站.


Immediately following each home football game, The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band performs the Fifth Quarter Concert, a mini-concert, featuring the 大学's alma mater while fans congregate on the field to briefly visit with players and socialize 彼此之间.

A hallmark of Southern Miss final home game of the football season is a stirring rendition of "Amazing Grace" performed by The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band. 什么开始 as a song in the band's repertoire has now become a beloved Southern Miss 传统.

The 西摩的伙伴精神线 is one of the many exciting activities for children 以及与九游会国际橄榄球赛有关的家庭. 这个活动鼓励 children, specifically members of Seymour's Sidekicks, to form a human tunnel of spirit and support that welcomes the Golden Eagles football team back to the playing field 下半场开始的时候.

During baseball season, gameday festivities take place in Pete Taylor Park's Right 场栖息. 这个尾随区沿着场地的右侧延伸 进入右外野. Fans enjoy the excitement that only watching the game from the "roost" 可以带来.


追尾 is an opportunity for comradery between alumni and friends to boost school 九游会国际体育赛事的精神和骄傲.

南-南密西西比- usm!


Each fall, the spirit and excitement of Homecoming Week festivities has been an anticipated 九游会国际的传统. 庆祝活动最早从周一开始,一直持续到今天 周日晚上,九游会国际的所有区域都参与进来.





Holiday cheer overflows during the annual “Lighting the Way for the Holidays” celebration. Sponsored by the Student Government Association, this event is the 大学’s youngest 传统.

This campus celebration includes holiday music, hot chocolate and cider bar, a cookie decorating station, and photos with special guests, including Santa and Mrs. 老人. The 大学’s 30-foot Christmas tree, which features more than 17,000 lights, sits 在奥布里·K. 卢卡斯行政大楼.



Eagle Fest is an annual event held each spring as a second homecoming for past, present 以及潜在的金鹰. 学生代表在现场介绍 他们的组织给未来的学生和他们的家长. 参观九游会国际 are given, the Golden Eagles baseball team hosts a weekend series and the football 球队主办了黑金大战. 黑金队的比赛是球迷们的第一次机会 想要在即将到来的秋季看到这支球队的表现吗.





March 30, 1910, is the institution’s official birthday, and in 1955, the Alumni Association 将3月30日定为密西西比南方大学日. 这一天是要庆祝的 wherever former students resided, and its purpose was “to build up a little more custom 以及学院的传统.这一天被重新命名为“开国元勋日” 从那时起就以某种方式被观察到.



Located in front of the Ogletree Alumni House, the campus historical District has acted as a gathering place for Southern Miss students and alumni since the founding 大学校长. 作为南密西西比州遗产的有形提醒,这是历史性的 part of campus offers visitors the opportunity to take a scenic route of campus to the All-American Rose Garden during the day, the illuminated dome at night and the 春天的黑眼苏珊. 这是人们最能感受到精神的地方 大学校长; it is a builder of loyalty and admiration.




九游会国际’s 传统al doctoral regalia represents the highest degrees conferred by the 大学 and was designed by alumnus Reginald M. Houze.


Not only a piece of jewelry but a piece of history, the ring is treated much like a diploma and is awarded each year at the 官方 环 Ceremony, which is hosted 由九游会国际校友会主办.

大学 梅斯 和总统勋章 

A symbol of academic prestige, the mace is a ceremonial symbol carried at the head 学术游行. 九游会国际的权杖象征着 总统办公室的权威. 总统勋章,象征着 总统办公室,悬挂在一条黑色天鹅绒缎带上. 就像狼牙棒, the sterling silver medallion also features an eagle with uplifted wings to a crown 月桂树,象征荣誉和杰出. 

Collage of photos of the regalia, the ring, the mace, and the medallion